Barbie Trajes currently in stock

Price: $15 each (plus shipping)

Shipping: From 1 to 4 trajes: $4.35 total; from 5 to 8 trajes: $5.95 total; 9-12 trajes $8.75 total.

Please include outfit number (e.g. Traje 1) along with quantity.

Quantities are limited. Please order ASAP. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

(But if we sell out, I'll order more from the Street School moms!)

For payment instructions and to reserve trajes, email orders to:

Note: each traje is handmade. Outfit and fabric may be slightly different from picture.

As of February 3, 2006 we have the following quantities of the trajes pictured below:
Traje 1:  9
Traje 2:  2
Traje 3: 1*
Traje 4:  1

(*The last Traje 3 has a plain navy blue skirt without the embroidery stripe.)

New Trajes for 2006

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