Volunteer Mountain Guides Needed:

Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC) is almost entirely a self-supporting organization and earns its money through various small businesses. The most successful of these is Quetzaltrekkers, organized tours to areas of outstanding natural beauty in the mountains of Guatemala. We need two volunteer guides to work alongside a Guatemalan guide on our tours. We take a maximum of 10 clients on each trip, with 2 guides. Below is a complete job description:

We require from you:

  1. minimum three month commitment

  2. your own equipment (good boots, backpack, sleeping bag)

  3. ability to speak some Spanish or enough money to take 2 weeks of lessons in Xela ($60 per week)

  4. relevant experience in trekking through mountains with some First Aid knowledge

  5. most importantly, a friendly and enthusiastic personality

We offer you:

  1. free accommodation

  2. one nutritious meal each day when not on a trek

  3. all expenses paid on treks (2-3 days per week)

  4. an excellent and unique opportunity to get some guiding experience, see some incredible parts of Guatemala and help an established and worthwhile project continue to succeed

  5. an opportunity to learn or improve on your Spanish speaking ability

Working Schedule

Monday thru Thursday: Visit Spanish language schools during their breaks (10:30-11 am and 4:30-5 pm) to recruit clients.
***This is a very important task and all 3 guides will do this each day.***

Friday: In the morning prepare all food and equipment for the trek. All dinners are precooked (curry and/or spaghetti sauce) to minimize cooking time on the treks. In the evening at 7:30 pm, hold a final briefing for clients and distribute food and equipment.

Saturday morning (Alternate weekends): 6:30 departure for San Pedro, 5:30 departure for Tajumulco

Sunday: Return in the afternoon and air out sleeping bags and tents.


  1. Often all tours are sold out by Tuesday so the rest of the week is free.

  2. Often clients need a lot of encouragement to continue and some help with their packs so a good sense of humor and a strong back are required.

  3. Each guide will get one full weekend off per month.

How to become a volunteer mountain guide:
For information about being a hiking guide, please contact Quetzaltrekkers at
Casa Aregentina, Diagonal 12, 8-37 Zona 1 Quetzaltenango  Tel. (011-502) 7765-5895

Would You Like To Donate Equipment?
We also need equipment and sleeping bags, so if you're upgrading your gear and have a sleeping bag or other camping gear to donate, we could use it! Contact us!

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